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“There are only two emotions that belong in
the saddle; patience and a sense of humor.”
Welcome to Over the Oxer Equestrian
Specializing in Hunters/Jumpers/Equitation and Ponies:
Whether you are a serious competitor looking to contend at "A" level shows, or you want to learn basic horsemanship, Over the Oxer Equestrian has a program suited for you.
Deanna Kravetz is dedicated to meeting each horse enthusiasts needs, offering lessons from your first time in the saddle to bringing you to national finals. Deanna doesn't just make good riders, she shapes horse(wo)men.
About Us
Trainer Biography:
Deanna Kravetz is an active rider and trainer in the Hunter/Jumper community. She has had a long history of love and appreciation for horses, beginning riding at the early age of 4 years old. She in fact still has her first pony Kisses who, at age 35 had been at the heart of Deanna's lesson program until recent retirement.
Having experienced a number of opportunities alongside her huntseat riding career including foxhunting with the Norfolk Hunt Club, the occasional hunter pace and low level eventing, each experience helped round out her competitive background on the New England Hunter/Jumper circuit.
Deanna's passion for teaching was set in motion during high school while assisting her trainer Dennis Munnelly with his therapeutic riding program at Canton Equestrian Center. Canton Equestrian Center is also where Deanna began running summer camp programs, in which she learned how to incorporate fun and stimulating hands on activities into her horsemanship curriculum.


Photo - Over the Oxer Equestrian at Independence Farm - Rye, NH
Trainer Biography:
While earning a bachelor's degree in Equine Science from the University of New Hampshire, Deanna trained with Fieldstone Farm where she successfully competed in the Adult Hunters and Adult Equitation on her horse Cavallino and the Child/Adult Jumpers on Fieldstone Farms' Alibi.
While at Fieldstone she was given the opportunity to ride with Olympic Medalist Dorothy Morkis and improve her dressage work in relation to her equitation. Approaching graduation from college, Deanna had the pleasure of working with and soon after teaching for Olana Laffey at Evenstride Ltd whom helped initiate her training career.
Expanding her career, Deanna next managed the lesson program for Kristen Bumpus at Arrowhead Farms. Kristen was instrumental in assisting Deanna with her young horse Cello, further encouraging her passion for working with green horses.
Next Deanna worked alongside Jessica Hunt at Senator Bell Farms as her assistant trainer developing a lesson program and summer camp, along with assisting when on the road at horseshows. After much tutelage Deanna began offering private instruction out of Greystone Stables in Berwick, ME.
Deanna emphasizes riding theory in her lessons, teaching students the why of riding as well as the how. Sebastian, Toby, Moon, and Marker play and integral part of her lesson program, while she continues to compete Cello in the Hunters. Deanna is very excited at the opportunity to continue to expand her lesson and training program.
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